Rhythm & Sound to Dance


Welcome to Nupoor Dances !

Nupoor Dances was founded in 1999 by Sonal Sanghvi to create an opportunity for children to express their emotions and passion through dance, give them an insight into the rich Indian culture and heritage, and to promote teamwork in an artistic environment. At Nupoor Dances, we believe that dancing boosts self-confidence, teaches discipline and helps kids stay fit all year long!

At Nupoor, we teach a variety of dance styles including Bollywood, Lavni, Bhangra, Raas and Garba. We infuse elements of Classical Indian dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary into our choreography to bring our students a unique combination of traditional and modern dance styles. We believe a lot can be learned by experiencing a variety of styles, blending and comparing them, and pushing our creativity and our bodies to the limit. We emphasize not only the technique of each dance style, but also coordination and teamwork to help our students become better, well-rounded dancers. We hope that our students will discover dance in a positive, upbeat and energetic way.

All our students perform in a school-wide performance every fall. We inspire and encourage all our students to participate in as many dance shows and competitions as possible. Nupoor Dances has participated in many events and competitions over the years and has won numerous awards; but the true achievement is to see how each student evolves and blossoms into confident and polished dancers.

In our dance school, we give one-on-one attention to each student and focus on their individual growth, bringing out the best dancing talent within. We are personally involved with each student and believe that attention helps instill a stronger sense of community. We strongly believe that students get the most from their dance classes when they have support from the instructor, their classmates and from their families outside the class. We believe that together we can create a unique dance experience that uplifts us all!