Rhythm & Sound to Dance

The Instructors

Sonal Sanghvi

Sonal Sanghvi, Artistic Director, Choreographer and Founder of Nupoor Dances began teaching & choreographing in the US in 1997. Starting with a few students, each year with hard work and a strong desire to bring the Bollywood culture to the Bay Area through her dance school, Sonal's few students grew to a few classes, then to multiple locations and one personally formed professional dance school.

From the age of 7, Sonal's enthusiasm for Bharatnatyam led to completing her Arangetram when she was 13. This wasn't compelling enough for her; she needed something with more emotion and power so she started her own Dance School in Mumbai at the young age of 18. Sonal worked very closely & co-choreographed dances with the great director Sanjay-Leela-Bhansali. This Gujarati girl grew up with folk dances in her roots and she's spreading her passion of Folk & Bollywood Fusion in Bay Area.
Krishnapriya Somasekharan

Krishna began learning dance at the age of 5, training in Bharatanatyam under Smt. Indumathy Ganesh of Nrithyollasa Dance Academy. She completed her Arangetram in 2011 and continued to practice, perform, and help her Guru teach Bharatanatyam classes. Krishna has also learned Semi-Classical dancing under Bindu Pratap, Artistic director of Nritanjali dance school, and has traveled with her team throughout the U.S. Along with performing, Krishna choreographs & teaches dance pieces of her own and has taught groups throughout the Bay Area for performances and competitions. Krishna pursued her interest in Bollywood dancing at Nupoor Dances in 2006 and joined the team as an instructor after graduating college in 2016. Along with pursuing her passion in dance and choreography, Krishna works as a scientific researcher at Genentech...so if not in the dance studio you’ll find her in the lab! :)

Nagashree grew up watching classic Bollywood films and fell in love with the upbeat style and energizing steps in every song. She began dancing Bollywood at the age of 5 and officially embarked on her journey with Sonal Aunty at Nupoor Dances at the of 8. Nupoor Dances not only confirmed her true passion for this style of dance, but taught her how important perseverance, coordination, and stamina is to be a promising Bollywood dancer. She competed with Nupoor until her senior year of high school, and eventually attended the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2013 and graduated with a B.A. in Economics in 2017. She currently works at Lending Club in San Francisco.

In 2014, Nagashree continued to share her love and devotion towards Bollywood as she co-founded and led UCSC Kahaani, Santa Cruz’s very first collegiate competitive Hindi-Fusion dance team. Implementing the technique and skill she learned from Sonal Aunty and other reputable gurus, she made sure Kahaani represented a mixture of dance styles from every part of India while sticking true to her iconic Bollywood roots. Nagashree was the captain of her team all four years of college, and was blessed enough to compete and place at competitions within California, and nationally as well.
Alene Rose

Alene, who also goes by Aleena, first began dancing at Nrithyollasa Dance Academy when she was five, where she learned Bharatanatyam for twelve years. At the age of eight, she joined the Nupoor Dances family and has built a very strong bond with Sonal aunty and her teammates. At the age of 15 she started assisting Sonal aunty as a dance teacher and a choreographer. She was also a member of the dance program at Dougherty Valley High School, where she learned the importance of technique and discovered her love for other genres, such as Hip-Hop and Jazz. Currently, she is a Bollywood and Hip Hop instructor at her University's gym. Her versatility in dance styles is all thanks to her dance mentors.

After graduating from Dougherty Valley in 2015, Alene began attending The University of San Francisco's School of Nursing, and is set to graduate with a BSN in 2019! Dance is a vital part of her life, and it has helped her grow to become the person that she is today. One thing that is for certain is that she will never stop dancing :)


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